The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter Game

The Planet Crafter
  • Developer: Miju Games
  • Genre: 🪐 Adventure
  • Version: 0.4.004
User Rating: Rating 4.53

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Release Date
March 24, 2022
Miju Games
Miju Games
🪐 Adventure
Windows PC


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The Planet Crafter Game: Download for Windows

Luke Harris

The Planet Crafter is a game about terraforming, crafting a planet into a beautiful and lush world. You start with a desolated and red planet, you must unlock, craft all technology required to terraform it into a green, beautiful land. Product is a single player experience, and you mustsurvive, craft your way to a beautiful planetoid. Software The Planet Crafter game has a lot of potential, it is a great game for those who want to craft and terraform a planet. You play as a space explorer who crash-lands on a planetoid and must find a way to survive, build a new home. Software is split into two parts: exploration phase, where you gather resources and build your base, terraforming phase, where you use those resources to transform terrene into a livable environment.


Graphics in The Planet Crafter download are great. Software looks beautiful, planet looks beautiful as you terraform it. Program is great at giving you a sense of scale, you feel like you are really on a planetoid when you are playing. Product has a great art style, game looks like a painting come to life. Graphics in the game are good. Planet is rendered in 3D, player can see planetoid from different angles, terrene is rendered in different biomes, such as deserts, forests, mountains. Graphics are good, but they are not great. Planet is rendered in a low-poly style, colors are muted, atmospheric. Product visual style is reminiscent of games like No Man's Sky and Subnautica, it's very effective at creating a sense of scale and isolation.


Gameplay in The Planet Crafter game download is great. Software is all about terraforming and crafting, you must do both to progress. Product is very rewarding, you feel a sense of accomplishment when you terraform planetoid. Program is very challenging, you must use all your crafting and terraforming skills to progress. Gameplay is easy to learn but difficults to master. There is a lot to do in soft, it can be quite challenging at times. It is very satisfying to see your heavenly body transform from a barren wasteland to a lush and vibrant world. Player must explore planetoid, collect resources, craft items in order to progress. There are no enemies, no violence. Focus is on exploration and creation. Product is currently lacking in content, but core gameplay is solid. Gameplay in the game online is very solid, offers a great deal of depth and replayability. There are a ton of different planetoid-crafting options to choose from, game does a great job of gradually introducing new mechanics and concepts. Product is very challenging, will keep players hooked for a long time.


The game is quite replayable. There is a much of content to unlock, it is always satisfying to see your planetoidgrow and change. The game has high replayability because player can generate different planetoids to terraform. Player The Planet Crafter free can change difficulty setting to make soft more or less challenging. Software is currently in Early Access, is planned to be in Early Access for one to two years. Once player has terraformed planetoid, there is not much else to do.


  1. How much will The Planet Crafter Windows 10 cost?
    Will cost $19.99 USD. Price may change over course of Early Access.
  2. What platforms will app be available on?
    Will be available on PC and Mac.
  3. What languages will The Planet Crafter PC be available in?
    Will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.


Overall, play The Planet Crafter is a very fun and relaxing game. It is easy to learning but difficult to master, there is a lot of content to unlock. Graphics are very colorful and cute, gameplay is very satisfying. Software is currently in Early Access, developers are working on adding multiplayer.


  • A beautiful and relaxing game to play
  • Interesting concept that is unique and different
  • Lots of room for creativity and exploration


  • The game can be a bit confusing to figure out at first
  • The crafting system is a bit limited
  • The game does not yet have a lot of content

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